Who We Are

Maru Jewelry is a signature jewelry brand based in Bali, Indonesia established in 2005 by international Goldsmith designer Martina Urbas. Well known for inspired beautifully handmade designs and a solid commitment to quality, Maru Jewelry brand continues to attract  savvy seekers from around the world who love jewelry and know how to wear it!


Maru Jewelry Studio  .

Maru Studio is a creative production facility with a wide range of manufacturing capabilities available to our customers with in house production from a centralized location. Our own teams of jewelers are highly skilled in the full range of traditional handmade jewelry techniques available in Bali and Java. We  use recycled sterling silver and reputable local and internationally sourced materials and services. We are committed to creating sustainable income streams for artisans we collaborate with. We support local business that provide technical services by engaging in knowledge exchange to maintain consistent standards of efficiency and quality. It is all about team work!!

Maru excels in handmade techniques and stone setting, specializing  in master sample design production , conceptual brand development, private label and  bespoke commission requests and wholesale quantity manufacturing..We have expertise in processes from wax model carving by hand or printed from CAD files, or hand made masters in metal .We produce the molds, injection and detailing of each piece then prepare and cast, assemble and finish, providing plating in a number of precious metals .

We are known for exceptional customer service with excellent Administration and communication throughout all processes  .


- Wholesale quantity manufacturing- 

- Offer Bespoke one of a kind or limited production 

- Startup Design and conceptual development consultation 

- Website development and branding 

- Inhouse product photography web ready

- Sourcing

Contact us : info@marubali.com


Maru Studio ships on the account of the client.Authorization letter is requested for our files and we ship based on clients preference. Please note through experience our preference is to ship using DHL .We also ship using registered mail which can be tracked and is more affordable but it must be noted that we ship on behalf of the client based on the clients requests  and can not be liable for lost or damaged shipments.