- Startup Design and conceptual development with consultation 

- Master sample development    

- Wholesale quantity manufacturing 

- One of a kind or limited production

- Website development and branding 

- Inhouse product photography; web ready

- Sourcing materials 



- design / development consulting

- wax carving, rubber molding, Casting, Assembly, finishing

- laser graphics, laser welding

- gold, silver, rhodium plating and coating 

- Packing, shipping 



  • We have a minimum total order value of USD2,000.00. This can include sample development and process fees and wholesale production.
  • Moq per design is 6 pcs (mixed plating ok)
  • 50% deposit to begin production and balance payment in full to release for shipping
  • There is a fee per design for master sample development which is determined based on design consulting is required.


  • A quotation to produce a design cannot be made accurately without first going through the sample development and making steps to determine the processes and costs needed to accomplish a master sample.
  • A piece price for production can only be accurately secured after we have gone through the sampling process to create a master sample.


It has been our experience that what is involved in the process of providing quotations for jewelry production is often not clearly understood.

  • For us to best respond to your inquiry we first need preliminary drawings and photos with detailed and informative specifications to understand more about what is involved technically to produce your designs. We will do our best to provide a quotation. However, making a master sample is the preferred way to guarantee an accurate production price. 
  • In order to make the inquiry process efficient and to clarify the extent of the information needed to respond clearly to our clients we can provide an online questionnaire with steps / points involved in the development and production processes. We also encourage to arrange a introduction consultation chat to quickly determine your needs.

Link to questionnaire: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdqLITftlk_E9CwuH_7MXBlQYdc1afI8EfSKUBcInEKu6zM1A/viewform?usp=sf_link

Looking to produce your own brand? Contact us by email to info@marubali.com