22 k Gold antique Javanese Majapahit pendant with 4 mm oval ruby cabachon and Ancient sterling silver majapahit masa coin : pendant on blackened sterling silver chain : total length 54 cm. (one only)

N e w   w o r l d   t a l i s m a n   f r o m   O l d   w o r l d   j e w e l s  . . . .
Majapahit Coin Pendant: created from the fusion of a 22 k gold bird-cuff resembling a Majapahit temple stupa embellished with a ruby cabochon and a silver Masa coin from central Java.The coin is 2.4 grams of silver with a sandalwood flower stamp on one side , it was used as a form of currency in the Majapahit kingdom of Java from 9 th to 14 th century .