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Designing and producing handmade jewelry in Bali for the past 28 years has been a fascinating adventure...allowing me to interpret my vision using a rich and detailed art form which celebrates the spirit of the maker and of the wearer equally
The remarkable nature and skills of the Javanese and Balinese artisan who have been my co-creator/co-collaborator through out this journey are responsible for the amazing technique and craftsmanship of Maru Jewelry, giving the design the strong spirit of the maker.
Design & Manufacture

Maru Jewelry, established in 2005 by goldsmith designer Martina Urbas, is a signature jewelry brand based in Bali, Indonesia. Well known for inspired handmade designs and a commitment to quality, Maru brand continues to attract savvy seekers from around the world who love jewelry and know how to wear it!

Maru has a wide range of manufacturing capabilities available to our customers with in house production from a centralized location. Our own teams of jewelers are skilled in the full range of traditional handmade jewelry techniques available in Bali and Java.

We specialize in master sample design and conceptual brand development, commission requests and wholesale quantity manufacturing.

We invite you to explore our MARUBALI ARCHIVES available for wholesale production, you may see designs not in the store selection and we would be pleased to make these for you also!